Free-Range Eggs

The free-range eggs speak for themselves. Crack one open for breakfast and you’ll instantly see the difference; a dark yellow yolk full of nutrients, high seated whites while cooking, and a rich taste you’ll love from the first bite. They are $5.00 for a dozen for extra-large “rainbow eggs” (dark brown, brown, white & turquoise eggs).

Our free range eggs are laid, gathered, washed and packed daily. What you might find at the farmers market or local retail markets are as fresh of eggs as you’ll find in the area. The chickens have ample space to run around and scratch, as well as plenty of laying boxes where they feel safe and comfortable. They also roost within the mobile coop, above the laying boxes, for extra safety at night.

Our eggs can be purchased at our Farm Market on Saturdays, the Potomac Village Farmers Market on Thursdays, or at Glover Park Farmers Market on Saturdays.

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