Rocklands Farm CSA BoxOur CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a great way for our friends to support our farm. CSA members commit to supporting our farm financially in exchange for a weekly supply of fresh produce and other farm products. This relationship between food producers and food eaters is as ancient as human life. To be directly connected to the land where your food is produced, and to the farmer who produces it, we believe is a highly rewarding experience that promotes health, diversity, understanding.

What makes this relationship with the farm unique is the CSA member’s participation in the potential bounty and inherent risks of farming. CSA members are committed members of the farm, and their relationship with us is vital to our continuance. 

If you are thinking about joining our CSA program, or any CSA program, we hope you will consider becoming a full year member. Even within one growing season, a farm will often have fluctuations in availability of various crops and varieties within those crops, due to seasonal changes. By becoming a full year member you get to experience the full range of produce as well as the full drama of a production year. If one crop suffers, stick around and something will compensate. If something produces in bounty, you’ll be seeing the result in your share! Only full year members get to experience the entire progression of seasons in their eating. If you are only interested in a few crops or a single part of the season buying your produce at the farmers market might be a better option for you.

We also hope to encourage full support of the farm. One thing that makes our farm unique is our wide range of offerings. We believe the diversity of products is important and healthy for the farm as well as our members. We hope more of our members will see the benefits of getting many of their food items from a local farmer, not just their produce. 

And finally, get involved! Be aware of what is going on here at the farm. This means regular conversation, diverse interaction, and sustained interest–all things that set CSA members apart from market customers. We believe food is important. We believe the way food is grown, raised, and cared for is also important. Food is most valuable when it is eaten though, so we also care about who eats our food. We would like your food and farmer to be equally important to you. We believe the CSA model allows farmers and eaters alike to honor what they believe is important.

If you are interested in supporting our farm by becoming a CSA member, please download a copy of our contract, fill it out, and send it in! 


All Questions and Interests regarding our CSA can be directed to Joel and Megan Barr at joelandmegan@rocklandsfarmmd.com

We hope you will consider joining us.


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