How We Farm.

Through Holistic management & regenerative agriculture, Rocklands farm revitalizes our community, regenerates our land, restores our ecosystem while creating delicious wines & nutrient-densse meats & eggs.


Regenerative agriculture (carbon-building farming)

Regenerative agriculture (beyond sustainable) is use of resources (soil, water, sunlight, management, etc.) to create an agricutlural product (wines, meats & eggs) in such a way, that there will be more (quantity & quality) of those resources for utilization by the next generation.

Holistic management considers the entire farm context, including social, economic, and ecological factors, while regenerative agriculture production leverages photosynthetic carbon (of which every living thing depends) to not only create value, but increase it for future generations.

Bio-Mimicry (to copy nature)

Creation is the model for our management philosophy & farming systems; from ecosystem function, to livestock husbandry, to vine vigor, nature provides an incredible model for healthy land, healthy plants & animals, and healthy people.

Ruminents (grass-consuming livestock) are the centerpiece of our pasture-management & food-production system. As is in the wild, our sheep & cattle are in a “flerd” (flock + herd), where they enjoy life as they were created to live; in dense groups, rotated frequently, and in a migratory rotation. This migration ensures the livestock graze the freshest grass, enjoy a clean pasture, and most importantly, allow for the grass to regrow & the soil ecosystem to cycle nutrients.


100% Grass-Fed Cattle

Cattle are the heavy lifters of land regeneration, due to their grazing habits, large rumens (grass-digesting stomach-fermentor), and capacity for animal impact. Rotated regularly on pasture, our cattle convert massive amounts of grass (photosynthesized carbon) into nutrient-dense meats, soil-building nutrient-rich manure, as well as restore ecosystem function in our pasture ecosystem.


100% Grass-Fed Sheep & Goats

Sheep & goats, like cattle, are ruminants and convet grass into meat, manure, and increase pasture ecosystem function. The diversity of the “flerd” is key, as their varied grazing habits & animal impact help convert less-desireable, non-grass plants into regenerated soil.

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Pasture Raised Hogs

Our hogs are wood-lot raised, as they were created, and spend their entire life in wooded areas & savannah pastures. They are free to roam, loaf, and root (foraging with their snouts) and thrive on a balanced diet of plants, roots & tubers, bugs, and freshly-milled, local, Non-GMO grain.

Like our ruminants, our hogs are "conception-to-consumption", on our farm since the day they were conceived until they day they leave (to your plate), creating a unique bond with our ecosystem, management, and most importantly, their mother. This inter-generational relationship is essential for their development, health & wellbeing, and optimal expression of “animal-ness”.


Pasture Raised Layers & Broilers

Our chickens are pasture raised, as they were created, and spend their entire life on fresh pasture. Free to roam & foage, their diet consists of fresh pasture, bugs, and freshly-milled, local, Non-GMO grain. They rotate behind the ruminants, spreading manure & reducing ruminant pests.