Why It Matters.

Your food & wine choices have a meaningful impact on the quality of your life, your family, and the world you live within. By participating with Rocklands, you broaden the impact of regenerative land stewardship in your community, while tangibly enjoying your investment. You are welcome here. Be fed, nourished, and engaged.



Engage with Rocklands to become familiar with the source of your food, how it comes to be food, and those who craft it. You will gain a new, encouraging perspective on how your food choices can positively impact not only on your own life, but your family’s, as well as the world around you.



With this new perspective, you gain a deep respect & wonder for every action & food choice you make. This reverence is the first step to understanding just how precious & wonderful life really is. It’s not only what we put in our bodies, but the miricle of how that choice sustains & renews us every day.



We are called to be caretakers of the families, and world in which we live. With reverence, you can live your convictions with integrity & confidence. Whether or not you have land to farm, you can meaningfully participate in the restoring impacts of regernative farming through your food choices.

We have a deep passion for what we do and believe that our farm is one of the best platforms for people to intimately experience the dynamic, complex, and wonderful process of food.
— Greg Glenn, CEO




Rocklands Farm, Winery and Market. Poolesville, MD.