Groups at Rocklands

Group Policy: Advance Notice is required for groups larger than 8 whether doing tastings or not (i.e., just buying wine).  Notice must be submitted at least 2 days prior to visit. Please complete form below.

Groups larger than 15 are required to reserve a semi-private/private space.

18% Gratuity will be added to 15+ group tabs automatically.

NOTE: We cannot accommodate groups larger than 15 at this time in our public space. If your group is over 15 guests, please visit our Space Rental page for further details.

Group Visit Advance Notice

By filling out the form below, you have read and agreed to the below details and policies for advance visit requests. Thank you for considering us for your group and we look forward to seeing you!

When planning your group outing, please keep mind that we do have a few items/activities that we prohibit out of safety for the farm and consideration of offering a premium and peaceful experience for all Rocklands customers.

Rocklands Farm Winery does not permit the following

  • Outside alcohol

  • Pets (service animals must be kept on leash at all times)

  • Unsupervised children

  • Pop-up tents or tables

  • Music/stereos

  • Food-only tables (unless renting space)

  • Sports balls/frisbees/lawn games

Outside food is permitted, but we encourage visiting our delicious, on-site food vendors most Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. We also offer an assortment of locally sourced cheese, meats, and other snacks at all times in the tasting room.

We love having your kids here, but all evening events at Rocklands are best suited for adults only. We welcome the entire family during the day, year-round. Please remember that kids must be supervised at all times.

We cannot accommodate passenger buses unless you have rented out a private space in advance.

Our tasting rate is $14/person for 6 wines. Please note on form below if you plan to do a wine tasting. There are no wine tastings after 5pm.

Please briefly check in with our manager on duty in the Tasting Room upon arrival.

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Wine Tastings

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